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New Start Up Market

New Start Up Market

calendar Posted at: June, 01 2016 10:52 am

New Start Up Market - to sell your unneeded items


Looking to de-clutter your closets, storeroom? Then we have the perfect solution and business opportunity for you! An open-air bazaar to pass (sell) on your unneeded items and earn some money. This will be held at SCAPE Marketplace Zone "A" Booths A1 to A4, A18 to A23. This event is targeted to those 18 to 35. The event will take place on every weekend (Sat and Sun) in conjunction with the on-going *SCAPE Marketplace.


Sales of Pre-loved items available on SAT, SUN & PH


Booking is now available so act fast! Email to Muhamad Haiz ( for eligibility assessment today.